Classic Martial Arts 




We offer classes in the following Arts and Styles:

Karate Okinawan, Korean and Japanese styles
Tang Soo Do (Traditional Moo Duk Kwon style)
Kwonbup bu ( Chu Ahn Pa - Mongolian - Manchurian - Korean linage)
Kong Soo Do IKSDF (World Karate Federation and International Korean Karate)
Tae Kwon Do ITF style (International Tae Kwon Do)
Taekwondo  WTF style (World Taekwondo Federation Olympic Style)
Chinese Kung Fu (Shaolin Pai, Tang Lung Praying Mantis)
Ju-jitsu (Traditional Japanese Ju-jitsu)
Tai Chi  (Tae Kuk Sul)
Sip Pal Ki (18 Classical Weapons)
Peace Officer Survival Seminars

Seminars and Workshops:


Seminars scheduled for the year 2016 will follow.

Contact Master Steve Salaiz for details at 909-319-7436

Open Karate Tournament 2016 Head Hunters 20th anniversary sponsored by Master Salaiz
updates coming.

Color Belt Testing:
Testing for color belt rank is conducted by each studio, class or club. Please contact location Master or Instructor
for schedule and requirements.

Federation Black Belt Testing:
Testing for Black Belt rank is conducted by the Federation. Those testing must be a member in good standing and have participated in Federation functions and be recommended by their Master Instructor. Please contact your Master or Instructor for schedule and requirements.