Classic Martial Arts 




Welcome to Classic Martial Arts


The Classic Martial Arts program was founded in 1967 with the aim of offering the highest quality of professional instruction at an affordable cost. The program is taught in a friendly and welcoming environment that is conducive to learning. Our instructors go above and beyond to provide the motivation, encouragement, and training that members need to achieve their martial arts and personal goals.

The Classic Martial Arts are based on time-honored systems and styles that were taught before the development of the new sport styles of Taekwondo and MMA mixed martial arts. The Classic Arts are as follows: Tang Soo Do, Kong Soo Do (Karate), Kwonbup, and the Chinese-Korean arts of Sip Pal Ki, Chin Na, and Ju-jitsu.

Our Mission

Our mission and vision are to help our members achieve their personal goals through intense physical, mental, and spiritual development. We will aim to ensure that our students meet the highest standards of excellence when learning the most effective self-defense techniques. In doing so, we will improve our members’ health, self-esteem and sense of spiritual and mental well-being.

The Martial Arts is a lifelong journey, not just a destination. This journey is based on a way of life that is deeply rooted in traditional martial arts philosophies and training methods. Nevertheless, we have adapted our training methods to meet the needs of modern-day society by teaching practical, tested, self-defense techniques that will be effective in a physical confrontation.

International Classic Martial Arts Federation

The Classic Martial Arts Federation's goal is to unify martial arts students and instructors who share a mutual respect for all systems of traditional martial arts, as well as provide services and guidance to develop technical excellence. The Federation consists of affiliated martial art schools throughout the United States and the world. These schools have a reputation for producing some of the finest Black Belt students and instructors. Our certification of officially registered Black Belts and instructors must meet the highest standards at all times while providing a fair promotion system for all martial artists. Each school is independently owned and operated, teaching their own recognized art or style.